Friday Morning Executive Seminar Package (International)


Friday Morning Seminar

Friday Morning Executive Seminar Package (International)

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Wholemeal Sandwich with Sardine & Cucumber
Freshly Baked Sultana Danish
Steamed Crystal Dumplings *
Chocolate Éclair**
Freshly Brewed Coffee & Tea (Sugar and Creamer Served Separately)

Chef Salad
Chicken Stroganoff
Oven Baked Pacific Fillet (with Spicy Tomato & Herbs Sauce)
Haricot Beans ** (with Garlic & Cherry Tomato)
Turkey Bacon Wrapped Chicken Sausage 
Almond, Peas & Coriander Pilaf Rice**
Chocolate Mousse Shooter
Chilled Cordial 


Note: *denotes dish is vegetarian

**denotes dish is No Meat, No Seafood, And May Contain Garlic, Onion, Egg, And/Or Dairy


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